Now is the time to switch to real 'Australian made' amenities, says Interior Images.
Don’t be fooled by brands claiming to be ‘Australian designed’ as they may still come from overseas.

As the world’s second-biggest economy tries to shake off the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak, the turmoil the disease has caused to China’s manufacturing and shipping industries is having a major impact on Australia’s hospitality industry. Chinese factories are operating at 20% capacity, the truck drivers needed to move goods are off the roads and shipping vessels sit empty in Chinese ports. The result is a growing level of panic in the industry regarding the ongoing supply of hotel toiletries and amenities.

Interior Images is helping hoteliers breathe easier by working with Australian-made brands such as Aspar, Grown Alchemist, Subtle Energies, Two Good and Serendipity to increase production and fill the gap. Australian-made shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and soaps can be brought to market much faster and avoid hassles such as shipping, customs, quarantine and the costs associated with international shipping. A pivot to locally-sourced products also presents a timely opportunity for hoteliers to move away from their smaller, Chinese-made products in single-use plastics to more environmentally-friendly dispenser systems.

Aspar was designed and created from the spa at Melbourne’s Prince Hotel.

Interior Images Founder, Val Harding, says despite Australian-made products generally being at a slightly higher price point than Chinese-made, “Australian-designed” brands, hoteliers can still come out well ahead once the significant savings from moving to refillable dispensers has been factored.

“Making the switch addresses the single-use plastic issue that hotels are facing, as well as greatly cutting down on the amount of wastage inherent in the traditional 30ml sizes. If you run the numbers with a local brand such as Aspar, you’ll find that you can raise the quality of your product, offer a better guest experience, and reap the savings in the long term,” Harding said.

Aspar is available in refillable dispensers, allowing hotels to ditch single-use plastics.

Partnering with Aspar – a natural wellness brand created in the Aurora Spa in Melbourne’s Prince Hotel – on a dispenser program also has the added benefits of offering guests an authentic product designed for retail first and hospitality second.

Harding added that most amenity products provided in Australian hotel rooms, although frequently marketed and branded as ‘Australian-owned’, ‘Australian-designed’ or ‘Australian-inspired’, are actually made in China and were developed specifically as inexpensive hotel amenity.

Now is the time to switch to real ‘Australian made’ amenities, says Interior Images.

“When you partner with an authentic Australian brand, you can tap into their skin and hair expertise, retail catalogue, marketing efforts and their community, all while sending the message that you support local business.”

“Australian-made toiletries are a fast and affordable way to guarantee there’s no interruption in your supply – and never has there been a more crucial moment to support Australian-made.”

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