As trade restrictions begin to lift, on-premise venues are dealing with the costs and complexity of re-opening and restocking, potentially with the challenge of cash flow.
In support of our hospitality industry, Accolade Wines is aiming to lend a helping-hand through the ‘Your Venue, Our Shout’ initiative.

Many operators have breathed a sigh of relief in the last few weeks, as shutdown restrictions ease and venues slowly start to re-open. The news is indeed welcome, but that relief is tempered by the need to re-stock and hit the ground running.

With little to no revenue in the last two months, purchasing stock can add to the immediate financial strain operators are facing. It’s a delicate balancing act for venues, and could arguably be one of the toughest operating periods for venues throughout this crisis.

Aware of this urgent issue facing venue owners and operators, Accolade Wines wants to help our industry where possible and is launching a re-opening support package to partner with
on-premise venues.  We are all in this together.

The ‘Your Venue, Our Shout’ initiative is available to existing and new On-Premise customers. As part of the initiative, Accolade Wines will replace – as free stock – all of its wines sold in your venue in the first month from venue re-opening. There are also increased discounts additional offers available.

“There is no denying the last few months have been a trying time for all of us. Although we are still in the early stages of re-opening our doors, Accolade Wines’ Your Venue, Our Shout initiative really does support us where we need it most as we kick-start our operations again. This gives us the opportunity to open with the knowledge our supply partner is supporting us and we look forward to welcoming our customers back with some fantastic wines available,” stated Terry Hall, operations manager of Nelson Bay Golf Club.

With an extensive portfolio of quality wine – including Grant Burge, Croser, Stonier, Hardys, St Hallett, Petaluma and House of Arras – the Accolade Wines team is here to help the industry reopen and be supported through these challenging times.

“We are all aware of how COVID-19 has impacted the hospitality industry across Australia. It has been an extremely challenging time and even though venues are beginning to re-open, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. Your Venue, Our Shout is Accolade Wines’ way of showing partnership to our valued on-premise customers and lending a helping hand to support the return to usual trading as quickly as possible,” stated Andrew Clarke, regional managing director – ANZP.

Venues can benefit from the ‘Your Venue, Our Shout’ initiative by using award-winning wines to promote or activate customer-focused promotions and offers, as well as support staffing and re-opening costs through increased margins associated with this supporting offer.

“As a company we want to enable the industry to get back on its feet, and people in venue as soon as regulations allow.”

Help open your business with fantastic Australian wines today. Click through to register your details for support now.