Wellbeing has become an increasingly important part of the guest experience in recent years, and, as those in the hospitality industry know, it’s the little things that elevate a hotel stay from good to great.  

Rituals, Europe’s number one bath and body brand, is capturing the attention of leading hoteliers globally, thanks to its captivating products and high sustainability standards. Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian culture, Rituals provides a luxurious and relaxing wellness experience for guests.  

Sydney’s newest boutique hotel, the Aiden Darling Harbour, is the first hotel in Australia to debut the brand. 

“We love that Rituals’ wellness philosophy aligns with our own: emphasising the importance of the everyday “rituals” in our lives, finding happiness in the smallest of things, taking time out to appreciate the world around us, enriching our lives just that little bit more,” says Aiden Darling Harbour owner, Nicolas Chen.  “Every time we smell the Rituals fragrance it brings us back to this philosophy.” 

Rituals bathroom amenities at the recently-opened Aiden Darling Harbour

Strong values 

The Rituals brand is built on three key pillars: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. It offers eco-friendly refills for hotel dispensers, recycled PET packaging and reusable boxes for gift sets. The brand is aiming to use 100% recyclable packaging by 2023. 

Rituals’ sustainability efforts are highly regarded by the team behind Aiden Darling Harbour and its guests.  

“The focus on sustainability is very important to us and our guests, from the natural ingredients to the refillable dispensers,” Chen said.  

“We love that Rituals is a full-fledged luxury lifestyle brand which takes a holistic approach to skincare and wellness. We personally love using the range ourselves.” 

As a B Corp certified company, Rituals is continually finding ways to reduce its impact on the planet. It sources from sustainably managed forests, adheres to Ecopure regulations, uses sustainable palm oil and holds suppliers accountable to its Code of Conduct. It also banned parabens from its products some time ago and never tests on animals.  

Swisstrade is responsible for bringing the brand to Australia and the broader Oceania region.  

Rituals is a certified B Corporation

“Having seen Rituals grow from humble beginnings into a B Corp Certified, global trend-setter in the bath and body space, makes me incredibly proud as the brand representative across the Oceania region,” said Swisstrade Director, Peter Weingartner.  

“The core beliefs of Rituals today, are more relevant than ever before, as the world gets more complicated and intimidating around us. We believe, offering meaningful moments of joy to guests and travellers, is the most valuable gift a hotelier can give. As the founder puts it so well, ‘At Rituals, we are not here to sell beauty, we are here to make you feel good.’” 

To find out more about the Rituals range, click here or contact Swisstrade on (02) 9979 1500 or info@swisstrade.com.au