Radisson Blu Sydney General Manager, Peter Tudehope.

One of the most visually iconic hotels in Sydney has invested in its in-room entertainment system, and guests are raving about it, as General Manager Peter Tudehope details.

What were the key reasons why you decided to upgrade your current entertainment system to Business iQ?

It offers the complete package. From the technically advanced to guests who turn up with none of their own technology, we now have an entertainment system that caters to everyone, and as a minimum, we are now able to match whatever entertainment system our guests might have at home.

What made the Business iQ stand out from other options?

Its flexibility, its ease of operation, the amount of choice it gives you and the other features outside of entertainment. It also enables us to meet all our brand standards on entertainment systems.

The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

What features of the Business iQ are your guests telling you they appreciate and use the most?

We have been able to put the system under enormous pressure while we were looking after long stay guests. It didn’t fail us.

Since installation, how have you found the level of support from Foxtel?

This system requires the cooperation of the internet provider and Foxtel working together. The teamwork between AMP (our Internet provider) and Foxtel has been the principal reason we have been so successful in getting this system working so well. When we do have issues, they work as a team to resolve them. They have also been regularly following up to see if we are happy with the system. My pet response is no news is good news.

One of the guest rooms with Foxtel Business iQ installed.

What else are you doing to make your property stand out?

With QR codes being so popular now, we are now also making use of them via the entertainment platform. By loading artwork, including a QR code via the hotel information tabs, we can now almost link any information between the entertainment system and our guests, from links to our website, to video content to our social media channels.

Do you think Business iQ is helping your guests recommend your property, and to stay again?

The entertainment system is not a reason for people to select a hotel but it is a reason to complain about a hotel if it is substandard. What we have now is a system that no one is complaining about. Subconsciously, it is having a positive impact on why guests want to return to the hotel.