E-learning can improve job prospects and boost self-confidence for a long-term career.
E-learning can improve job prospects and boost self-confidence for a long-term career.

Readers of HM can register and find out more about the BMIHMS suite of short courses at this link – https://bluemountains.torrensonline.com/. Use coupon code TUABMHMM2020 upon check out to access and take the courses free of charge.

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) is recognised across the world as one of the best in the industry, from entry level education to short courses and the coveted Master of Business Administration (MBA). Amongst its illustrious alumni are some of the most senior hoteliers around the globe, including several prominent leaders in Australia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life upside down for the entire world, bringing many industries to a virtual standstill, including travel and tourism. But with challenges come opportunities and the hospitality sector has embraced this downturn as a chance to develop new skills and improve future career prospects. Many people are using the downtime to prepare for when the hospitality industry roars back into full swing.

The Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia has a long and proud history of working closely with industry to deliver the best education to professionals and aspiring hoteliers. BMIHMS’ new short courses are now available on-demand, delivered entirely online and designed to enable quick bursts of learning. They are one to two hours in duration and often clustered into themes.

Short courses can be bundled and, if combined with a facilitated assessment of learning, form part of a stepwise approach toward a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hotel Leadership.

Learners can choose the time and day of their learning, building toward their end goal in their own time in a place that suits them.

BMIHMS General Manager, Jerome Casteigt.

“In our 30 years, industry has been very supportive of us and this is why we decided to make our short courses available for free to our industry partners,” said BMIHMS General Manager, Jerome Casteigt.

“Our hope is that despite the difficult decisions many have been forced to make, displaced industry people can focus on sharpening their skills, in readiness for a return to normal operation, even stronger than before.”

BMIHMS Associate Professor and Director of Innovation, Industry and Employability, Dr Justin Pierce, reports that since the lockdown, 8,700 new learners have signed up to take advantage of the suite of on-demand short courses, amassing an impressive 13,000 hours of learning between them.

The most popular courses have proven to be ‘Negotiation’, ‘Having Difficult Conversations’, ‘Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles’ and ‘Facilitating Change’. Beyond these, BMIHMS also recommends ‘Building Your Leadership Brand’, ‘Communicating Through Organisational Change’, ‘Creating Effective Teams’, ‘Design Thinking’ and several other hospitality-specific courses.

There are presently 47 short courses available with more on the way, including a new crisis management study program about to be released.