Automated Chat Bots can be trained to give the response you want to all of your customers' most commonly asked questions and more.

Technology is another form of nature, in that it is always evolving. With communication between customers and business taking place increasingly online via text rather than voice, AI and ‘Chat Bots’ have stepped in with the ability to chat to your customers, answer questions and provide information to increase sales and improve guest relations. ‘Bots’ can effectively and securely conduct your rudimentary customer service tasks, freeing up staff to be deployed to other areas of the business.

To learn more about the role of ‘Chat Bots’ in today’s society and how they work well for your business, we connected with Charlie Young from BookMeBob – one of Australasia’s leading Chat Bot developers – to learn more about this exciting technology.

Book Me Bob Senior VP Growth Australia & USA, Charlie Young.

Charlie, what is a ‘Chat Bot’?

Chatbots are AI systems designed to interact with humans through text or speech.

The use of chatbots for customer care is on the rise, due to their ability to offer 24/7 assistance (speeding up response times), handle multiple queries simultaneously, and free up human agents from answering repetitive questions.

Chatbots actively learn from each interaction and get better at understanding user intent, so you can rely on them to perform repetitive and simple tasks. If they come across a customer query, they’re not able to respond to, they’ll pass it onto a human agent for assistance.

The process of installing a Chat Bot is exceedingly simple.

There are two subsets of Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). AI is an umbrella term for machines that can simulate human intelligence. AI encompasses systems that mimic cognitive capabilities, like learning from examples and solving problems.

AI-powered chatbots, for example, use NLP to interpret what users say and what they intend to do, and machine learning to automatically deliver more accurate responses by learning from past interactions.

Chat Bots work 24/7 and never call in sick or late.

How can hotels utilise Chatbot technology to improve their customer service and free up their staff for more important duties around the property?

The AI Chat Bot technology can be used on hotel websites to assist and serve guests in the absence of human employees. They can also enhance the wellbeing of the employees taking up a lot of the mundane repetitive workload so they can focus on the things they do best, taking care of other humans – your guests.

They can also be used to fill in for overnight enquiries when there is the least number of employees. The Chat Bots work 24/7 and 365 days per year without calling in sick or arriving late. They will engage the guests and help provide all the necessary information to help convert the enquiry into a reservation, increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Hotels can choose to personalise their Chat Bot by choosing from hundreds of colourful avatars.

How will a Chat Bot speak to my guests and help my revenues increase?

The AI Chat Bots provide a human-like buying experience. They deliver standardised, authentic, efficient consistent answers, on brand, every time. This will in turn drive guest engagement, converting enquiries into direct bookings and increasing the conversion rate, enhancing and improving the guest experience and their satisfaction.

The AI Chat Bot remembers conversations and retains powerful data and insights. The complete Chat Bot online experience gives time back as their entire time spent online is reduced due to the speed, efficiency and consistency of the information provided by the Chat Bot. The guest will no longer be wasting their valuable time guessing where to find information on a hotel website.

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