A Tower Deluxe King Room at The Fullerton Sydney.

Since implementing Foxtel’s Business IQ platform at The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, General Manager Rob Weeden has learned a lot about the viewing habits of guests. Here, he shares the thinking behind choosing this entertainment option and the response from guests.

Rob Weeden

How has Foxtel helped your hotel elevate its in-room entertainment offering?

We invested a lot of time evaluating the various guest entertainment options available to us, and there are many. We settled on Foxtel based on the full complement of channels and the massive video on demand library, plus the free-to-air hosting and, of course, the casting solution.

How have you customised the offering to suit the hotel’s needs?

We have not needed to customise anything because we have the full menu of Foxtel channels providing our guests news, sport, entertainment, documentaries and movies of all genres coupled with the very broad video on demand library. The beauty is we no longer mess about with selecting the best 20 odd channels to subscribe to and our guests love it.

Most hotel operators have subscribed to Foxtel for decades using third party platforms. Now that Foxtel’s Business IQ platform is available it’s changed the entertainment model.

How has Foxtel’s Business IQ platform helped you increase revenue?

It’s a little early to tell just yet but when it comes to guest satisfaction the dynamic has changed. We fell into the trap of assuming guests overwhelmingly demand casting; it’s true they do when the television options are poor. With our Foxtel offering, less than 4% of guests are casting each day which is a very big message to send. 

What is the feedback from guests about Foxtel’s Business IQ platform?

The feedback on the guestroom entertainment has traditionally been subjective i.e. more movies, kids content, AFL v NRL channels and, of course, unstable casting received a lot of opinion. Now, we receive compliments about the wide variety of channels, video on demand library etc. We are not referencing the odd comment but rather frequent, if not daily.

In particular, our guests who do not subscribe to Foxtel at home welcome the options.

Tell us about your experience of working with Foxtel?

It has been very easy from the initial negotiation through to, what I can only describe as, a relatively seamless implementation.

How is Foxtel helping you stay at the forefront of in-room entertainment technology to meet guest’s demands?

The entertainment data Foxtel provides is golden and provides us a very clear message as to what our guests are viewing and when.

Why is it important to The Fullerton Sydney to partner with a trusted, recognisable name like Foxtel?

It’s important that we have wonderful relationships based on trust with all of our suppliers.

In what ways do the two brands align?

We are hoteliers wanting to provide the best experiences for all our guests. Foxtel is focused on providing the best content for viewers – it was a logical choice.