Traveller demand for sustainable stays is on the rise, and with new single use plastic bans coming into effect across the country, hotels are under increasing pressure to be more environmentally friendly.

For leading hotel operating equipment (HOE) and amenities purveyor, Swisstrade, sustainability has been front of mind since the business was first established in 1997.

A member of Ecotourism Australia (EA), Swisstrade is on a mission to drive a greener future for the hotel industry through its trusted range of high-quality sustainable supplies and improved business operations having just relocated to a new, fully sustainable warehouse facility. Swisstrade’s new facility is 5-star Green Design rated and features solar power, rainwater harvesting, LED lighting, use of greywater and low VOC interiors to name only a few. 

“Each year the hotel industry creates millions of tonnes of non-recyclable waste and whilst we’re all doing our best to reduce the volume, scrapping tiny shampoo bottles just isn’t enough,” said Peter Weingartner, Director of Swisstrade.

“We act in an environmentally sustainable way – along the entire value chain. Acting sustainably for us means allowing ourselves to be led by long-term values. We also want to leave behind intact resources for future generations, so the energy usage and the accompanying carbon emissions during the production and delivery of our products is an important factor for us.

“As a member of Ecotourism Australia, we aim to grow the range of sustainable and eco-friendly hotel products and amenities, to educate hoteliers on more sustainable practices and product selection and to support other leaders in the ecotourism space.”

Swisstrade’s sustainable solutions

Switching from single-use amenities to dispenser options that can be recycled and reused is a major step forward in a hotel’s sustainability journey. It significantly reduces plastic waste by preventing the disposal of millions of smaller packaging items.

One of the ways Swisstrade is helping hoteliers reduce plastic and liquid waste is through its amenities dispensing system, SHAPE – short for Sustainable. Hygienic. Aesthetic. Pump. Evolution.

The 100% recyclable, 300ml dispenser has been engineered to dispense the exact amount of shower gel, soap or body lotion needed in one pump. It eliminates up to 25 single-use portions, cuts plastic and liquid waste by 85% and reduces costs by 40%.

“SHAPE – a 100% recyclable, factory-sealed, smart looking pump dispenser system perfectly designed to increase efficiencies in housekeeping and at the same time reduce labour costs and deliver an amazing guest experience,” said Weingartner.

Furthermore, Swisstrade’s innovative and sustainable dispenser solutions Smart Care and Press + Wash are 100% recyclable – unlike refillable dispensers which are only partially recyclable.

A range of sustainably sourced refillable pump dispenser bathroom amenities are also available from top brands Leif, Rituals and the Olive Oil Skincare Company.

Another stellar product is the 100% plastic free Biodegradable Seedling Sole slippers, made from just three natural materials – flax, linen and cork, these slippers offer style and comfort, while being kind to the planet.

Among Swisstrade’s range of sustainable solutions for hotel rooms are energy efficient and smartly designed appliances and products by JVD (who were recently awarded a Gold Ecovadis Sustainability Rating), plastic-free bathroom accessories range Pure White, and the soon-to-be-launched Planet Positive Collection in FSC certified Kraft Paper sachets.

The JVD Royce water dispenser is set to revolutionise your minibar set-up. Within seconds, the Royce produces just the right amount of instant hot water or filtered ambient water, reducing energy consumption and eliminating the need for plastic water bottles in guest rooms.

Pair that with delicious tea and coffee by B-Corp Certified companies T2 and illy for the perfect planet-friendly cuppa.

For more information about Swisstrade’s sustainable products visit or contact the team on 02 9979 1500.