Leading guest cosmetics provider VANITY GROUP has launched a world-first 100% plastic free amenity program after 18 months in development.

Clean Collection uses aluminium tubes and biodegradable wood chip caps to ensure no microplastics are left behind after use, in an effort to help combat the world’s growing plastics problem.

Each year, 450 million tons of plastic is produced globally – 289,700 tonnes of which comes from hotels directly. With 6,000 hotels globally on its books, VANITY GROUP wants to help almost 400,000 hotel rooms ditch single use amenity plastic each year.

VANITY GROUP CEO and Founder, Paul Tsalikis, said it’s critical that hotels take responsibility for their role reducing plastic waste.

“We see this as a call to arms for the hospitality industry to move away from ‘green washing’ and adopt in-room amenity programs that truly champion sustainability,” he said.

“Over 50 million plastic bottles and soap bars are thrown away by hotels globally every day. By launching an aluminium tube and woodchip cap amenity program, hotels have the opportunity to be part of the solution, extending a 100% plastic free offering.”

As the most certified guest cosmetics provider, with both PETA certification and a Vegan Society trademark, VANITY GROUP is passionate about sustainability. It uses natural ingredients and OceanBound Material in all of its products to protect waterways globally.

“It’s also important for hotels (and guests) to keep an eye on what’s included within the tubes as well,” Tsalikis said.

“Our formulas have a heavy emphasis on natural ingredients, with over 95% derived from natural origins, rich natural oils and contain no nasties.”

Sustainability at all levels

Single-use amenities, once considered an important part of the luxury guest experience, are no longer acceptable for modern travellers. In fact, guests are now demanding more sustainable options at all tiers.

“Treading lightly on the environment is no longer to the detriment of luxury. Now, it is an indicator of a high-end stay,” Tsalikis said.

“VANITY GROUP firmly believes that luxury and sustainability are compatible with longevity. We’re ready to pioneer this movement alongside our hotel partners.”

Not just a trend

Tsalikis says eco-conscious travel is here to stay and believes hotel needs to take action to meet guest demand for sustainable accommodation.

“Eco-friendly stays are not a trend,” he said.

“Guests are proactively searching for considered travel choices, this is evident by the introduction of Qantas Green Tier and third-party platforms like Small Luxury Hotels who have introduced their Considerate Collection.”

He believes sustainability will become an intrinsic part of the guest experience in hotels from food and beverage to design and bathroom amenities.

“In the future, we’ll see waste-free bathrooms become the norm alongside a comfy bed and a clean room,” he said.

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