Hotel guests are becoming more au fait with digital compendiums in their room, either on tablets or on the television itself. There are huge benefits to integrating all hotel information and concierge services on the TV alongside guest entertainment.

Enhanced Guest Experience: By providing comprehensive information about the hotel’s amenities, services, and local attractions directly on the TV, guests can easily access and explore what the hotel has to offer. This improves the overall guest experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable.

Increased Efficiency: Having essential information and concierge services accessible on the TV reduces the need for guests to call or visit the front desk for basic enquiries. This helps streamline guest services, freeing up staff time for more complex tasks and improving overall operational efficiency.

Revenue Opportunities: The TV platform can serve as an effective medium for promoting hotel amenities, services, and special offers. By providing a more convenient and accessible booking option via the TV, such as adding QR codes to the hotel’s restaurant or spa booking facilities, hotels can increase revenue from additional bookings and services.

Seamless Communication: Interactive TV systems can serve as a direct communication channel between hotel staff and guests. Hotel staff can directly message guests letting them know about special offers available or checkout times enabling hoteliers to keep guests more up to date.

Cost Savings: Providing information through the TV system can reduce the need for printed materials like brochures, menus, and guides. This helps hotels save on printing costs and contributes to their environmental sustainability efforts.

The Foxtel Business iQ provides a customisable platform for hoteliers to add their branding, information and concierge services alongside a premium entertainment experience that guests won’t get from any other platform in Australia. The Business iQ provides guests with three options for how they want to watch TV:

Live TV: A huge selection of entertainment, movie, sport, news, documentary, music and kids channels for viewers who want to easily find something to watch from a schedule they are used to at home, or if they want to watch breaking news, live sporting events or awards shows in real-time.

On Demand: Foxtel offers an extensive On Demand library with over 20,000 hours of movies and television shows for viewers who want to browse and watch something specific.

Casting: The Business iQ has an in-built Chromecast which is simple for guests to access and enables them to view their own content from their tablets or mobile devices on the big screen in the room.

The convenience of having the digital compendium plus the premium entertainment experience all in one place is why over 18,000 hotel rooms across Australia already have the Foxtel Business iQ installed. Give your room an instant upgrade today with Foxtel’s Business iQ. Call 1300 792 883 or visit