With winter upon us, it’s time to warm up your guest experience and keep your guests coming back, year after year. 

Introducing Swisstrade’s exclusive line of cozy hotel amenities, designed to turn your property into a warm and inviting haven during the colder months. Improving your guest amenities during Winter will ensure that your guests feel pampered, gaining the edge over your competitors.  

We’ve got some great ideas to add that seasonal vibe of snug contentment and relaxation to your guest rooms without any major overhauls and without breaking the bank. Contact our team to help you delight your guests with Swisstrade’s cozy amenities. 

ILLY Coffee  

Introducing illy to Australian hoteliers, exclusively brought to you by Swisstrade. Indulge your guests in an authentic Italian coffee experience! illy is committed to not only delivering exceptional quality and taste but also making a positive impact on the environment and society. 

T2 for Tea Lovers  

T2 offers traditional teas reimagined, using whole tea leaves as well as the best fruits, herbs and flowers to deliver a complex and delicious cup of tea. Teas are individually packaged with a plant-based, biodegradable tea bag inside, sourced responsibly and sustainably. 

Instant Hot Water Dispenser    

Instant Satisfaction: Discover the Royce Water Dispenser from JVD which boils water to 97 °C in just 5 seconds, dispensing only what you need for a cup of coffee or tea. Take advantage of easy maintenance for housekeeping and consume 60X less power than with a traditional kettle. 

Throws & Blankets 

Add warmth, colour and comfort with Bemboka throws and blankets. Made from premium long staple mélange 100% cotton yarns, individually knitted, pre-shrunk and expertly hand-finished, these beautiful statement pieces are machine washable, and can be tumble dried to help maintain luxe softness. 


For the ultimate relaxation and comfort, you can’t go past a quality bathrobe. Offer guests the luxury of eco-conscious loungewear with the Waffle Kimono Bathrobe that incorporates recycled materials in the production process without compromising on comfort. 


Seedling Sole slippers are natural, plant-based and 100% biodegradable. With a luxurious and organic feel, our hope is that Seedling Sole Slippers will be seen as a beautiful keepsake to be taken home and worn as a memory of your guests’ stay. 


The cooler temperatures of winter require different skincare routines and products. Olive Oil Skincare is 100% Australian-owned and made with natural, eco-friendly and responsibly sourced ingredients. It’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants promoting skin flexibility and anti-ageing. 

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