Automate all cash handling tasks – free your staff from the cash office by removing non-value-added tasks, reallocating this time to focus on your staff and guest experience.

Challenges Directors of Finance are facing when cash is manually handled

Cost of Labour – With ongoing increases in hospitality wages driven by the economy and staff shortages worldwide, reducing labour costs without compromising guest experience has proven to be a challenge.

Unproductive Tasks – Handling cash comes with an extensive amount of tasks handled by the general cashier, including counting, sorting, preparing, and reconciling F&B and front-of-house registers per shift daily, diverting their focus from more productive activities.

Discrepancy & Security – Investigating cash discrepancies is a frequent and time-consuming process, impacting hotels’ productivity and profitability. Furthermore, cash exposure and manual handling increase the risk of theft and shrinkage.

Cashflow – When cash is manually handled, the total safe cash holding is generally high, with most funds sitting idle. As a consequence, hotels hold large amounts of cash, requiring a significant number of CIT (Cash-in-Transit) visits, affecting cash flow and operational efficiency.

Lack of Visibility – Directors of Finance do not have real-time visibility on cash transactions and cash holdings, relying on spreadsheets, making it challenging to address discrepancies quickly and efficiently as they occur.

Guest Experience – General cashiers spend a significant amount of time on cash handling tasks, time that could be reallocated to enhancing guest and staff experience.

How does the Consillion Back-Office Cash Recycler address those challenges?

Consillion’s End-to-End Solution

Hardware – Wide range of Back-Office Cash Recycling options based on cash volume.

Enterprise Software – Customisable dashboards and reports tailored to Hotel Directors of Finance.

Full Integration – Fully automate reconciliation by integrating your POS and PMS systems through our trusted partner, Evention.

Consillion Customers’ Feedback

About Consillion

Consillion is a global provider of technology and solutions designed to help businesses minimise cost and eliminate inefficiencies around cash. Consillion’s head office is in Sydney, Australia, with offices in Singapore, New Zealand, and the UK.

With over 1,500 recyclers deployed worldwide, Consillion stands out as the market leader in back-office recycling technology for the accommodation hotel sector. Renowned hotel groups such as Marriott International, Accor, Shangri-la, Crown Hotels, Hilton, Hyatt, PARKROYAL, QT, Rydges, Pan Pacific, and Intercontinental have seen significant benefits by automating their cash handling processes with the Consillion Cash Recycling Solution, reducing internal costs and improving their staff and guest experience.

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