Data doesn’t lie. Despite some casting providers stating that guests only want to be able to cast their own content to the television when they stay at a hotel, the data from the Foxtel Business iQ is showing otherwise. When guests stay at a hotel that has Business iQ and are presented with Foxtel’s options for how they watch TV – whether it’s watching linear programming from Foxtel’s extensive range of premium live channels, choosing from over 20,000 hours of on demand (VOD) content or casting their own content from streaming apps – they are overwhelmingly choosing live television. With almost 90% of viewing being live TV and between 5 and 10% being on demand content, it’s clear to see that when given options for how they consume their entertainment, casting isn’t the natural choice.

This begs the question that if hoteliers are only providing casting, are guests actually happy with that and does it go far enough to at least replicate, if not better, the at-home experience?

Television channels provide a sense of familiarity and comfort to guests. Many people enjoy the ease of channel surfing and finding a program they’re interested in, rather than having to search for something to watch on a streaming service. Linear television channels also provide a more passive viewing experience, which is often preferred by guests who are looking to unwind after a long day of travelling or sightseeing. Foxtel’s data shows that viewership of live channels is dominated by sports and news channels which either may not be available on other streaming services or guests might not have access to.

By offering a casting only solution, hoteliers are assuming that all their guests have their own subscription to a streaming service. While more and more older people are using streaming services at home, they’re less likely to have those apps on their mobile devices and may not be comfortable with downloading them and casting them to the screen. International travellers might not also be able to cast their streaming apps in Australia due to geo-blocking. While casting only may seem like a cost-effective solution, providing an all-in-one platform, such as Foxtel’s Business iQ, ensures you’re catering to all your guests’ needs – live channels and on demand for older guests and international travellers as well as casting for more tech savvy guests. With an abundance of hotel rooms on offer, and 6,000 in the national build pipeline, providing an exceptional customer experience that matches the room rate has never been more important.

Content is still King, and in addition, our customers tell us that in room technology must be simple, reliable and at a minimum deliver the same high standard of entertainment that guests can get at home. The Business iQ is a user-friendly system that is tried and tested in thousands of rooms across Australia and provides guests with a better than home experience.

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