Weatherdon is entering into the amenities space for the first time, securing an exclusive deal with Paris-based Groupe GM to supply Australian hotels with a trio of luxury French cosmetics brands.

Weatherdon – a family-owned business which has been in operation for 48 years – is best known in the hotel guest room space for its popular brands Nero, Connoisseur and Compass.

But the introduction of Codage, Apothicals by Damana and Bienvenue to its portfolio is now garnering attention from major hotels including Four Seasons Sydney and Cambridge Hotel Sydney.

“The response has been fabulous from our point of view,” said Weatherdon General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Wim Eshuys. “We’re getting a lot of interest.”

Beyond the luxury cosmetics themselves, a major drawcard is the unique and patented dispensing system, known as Ecofill.

The product is delivered in a 400ml replaceable pouch placed into a dispenser attached to bathroom wall. The bracket design is discrete with products seamlessly suspended in hotel shower or vanity areas.  

Both the dispenser and pouch are made from recycled plastics and the pouch – which weighs just 8g – is also recyclable.

“When compared to the 300ml plastic pump bottles that are replaced when empty, this system uses up to 85% less plastic because we don’t replace our bottles, only the internal bag is replaced,” Eshuys said.

By using a sealed pouch rather than refilling manually from a larger drum of product, there is also a reduced risk of contamination.

“It’s a safe and easy to use refillable system.”

An added benefit for hoteliers is the significant cost savings to be made by replacing small 30ml bottles with this system.

“We want to offer our customers the best luxury brands, and doing so in an eco-conscious manner is a compelling story,” Eshuys added.

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