Travellers nationwide are embracing the digital health revolution, with the launch of HotelCare.Health. Hotels and their guests now have a simple solution should guests need to see a doctor or get a script filled. HotelCare.Health is available Australia wide from the comfort of guests home away from home, whether it be a hotel room, apartment, or short stay rental.

In early 2020, Cameron Phillips was working as a Director of Revenue with Accor and looking forward to another successful Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne when everything came to a sudden stop.

Like many Australians, Mr. Phillips, after a successful 14 years in the industry, found himself faced with a widespread industry stand down as the pandemic took grip and government restrictions all but shut down the travel industry almost overnight.

Responding to a callout for help in the health sector Mr. Phillips took up the call for what he and everyone else expected to be a short-term deployment to assist the public health response to COVID before resuming in the travel and accommodation industry where he had spent the better part of 15 years globally. 

Within just a short few weeks, Mr Phillips was coordinating clinical teams managing large numbers of positive COVID cases in Australia.

“It was a baptism of fire. From the first day I had to adapt to a completely new industry in an environment no one had ever experienced,” Mr Phillips said.

When asked about what the early days were like, Mr Phillips said, “I quickly realised that Healthcare service delivery wasn’t all that different in approach to hospitality. It was about finding the right solution for the patients who had a wide range of needs, where a one-size-fits-all mentality wasn’t going to work.

“In hotels, we were always seeking better ways to personalise our service delivery, and this was my approach to our health programs at OSD.Care.”

OSD.Care under the leadership of General Manager of Operations, Mr Phillips, together with a clinical oversight and delivery team became a substantial provider of health services to a large range of agencies across Victoria and NSW providing COVID services.

“As we started to move into the new COVID normal, OSD.Care started to look at ways travellers could gain timely access to healthcare when they were traveling across Australia,” said Mr Phillips.

“What became apparent was that the public health system from general practice to hospitals would continue to feel the strain that COVID had placed on the various health networks.”

OSD.Care launches HotelCare.Health

HotelCare.Health was launched with a view to connect patients with doctors with minimum delay, and to provide the medicines they might need without the need to collect a paper script or visit the pharmacy.

HotelCare.Health embraces the digital health revolution providing access to on-demand Telehealth Doctors seven days a week. Priority Telehealth appointments ensure that a doctor will be available when a patient needs them most.

As part of the solution, HotelCare.Health has also solved the problem on what to do when a guest runs out of medication or inadvertently leaves it at home. HotelCare.Health offers simple and easy prescription renewal. Guests simply fill out a request and a doctor will assess the request and if appropriate issue a prescription within a few hours.

Prescriptions can be taken directly to a local pharmacy, or HotelCare.Health can organise delivery directly to the hotel with secure packaging and real time delivery tracking.

Having enjoyed the move into healthcare services, Mr Phillips is looking forward to working with the accommodation sector again, helping to make health service delivery for travellers that much easier.

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