As Weatherdon gears up to celebrate its 50th anniversary, we’re filled with excitement to reflect on the incredible journey that has brought us here. Behind our beloved hotel brands like Nero, Compass and Connoisseur, lies a story of enduring success. Our steadfast dedication to excellence, always striving to surpass guest expectations, has been the cornerstone of our accomplishments.

Throughout this remarkable journey spanning five decades, the bonds we’ve formed with our partners through collaboration and trust have been absolutely vital. It’s these relationships that have strengthened our foundation and propelled us forward.

At Weatherdon, we view change as an opportunity for innovation and progress. Today, we are thrilled to unveil some of our most significant initiatives.

Sustainability as a core value

Weatherdon leads the charge in promoting sustainable packaging practices. We take great pride in our partnership with Groupe GM, France and our adoption of the Ecofill ecosystem. This innovative replaceable pouch system represents a paradigm shift in how well-known international brands are consumed in guest bathrooms. Our commitment to sustainable hotel consumables sets a new standard within the Australian hospitality market, raising the bar for our industry peers.

In response to the urgent call for sustainable practices, we have undertaken tireless efforts to minimise our environmental footprint. By eliminating unnecessary plastics and reducing packaging waste, we are taking incremental steps towards a greener future. From bidding farewell to glossy-coloured gift boxes to phasing out polystyrene packaging and soft plastics, every action underscores our dedication to sustainability.

Nero: setting new standards

For decades, Weatherdon has meticulously curated the Nero range of electrical appliances, purposefully selected to enhance the guest experience. As tastes and trends evolve, so too does the Nero collection, reflecting contemporary styles and preferences. From the bedside table, wardrobe, bathroom or tea/coffee station, Nero products adorn every corner of the guestroom, synonymous with quality and reliability.

We are delighted to announce that Nero now comes with a 2-year warranty*, a testament to our unwavering confidence in its enduring performance.

(*Please note that a limited range of Nero items may be exempt from this warranty.)

As Weatherdon celebrates 50 years of excellence, our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and exceeding expectations remains steadfast. We look forward to continuing this journey, setting new standards of excellence for the next half-century and beyond.