Growing up, Michael Bevilaqua’s experiences of hotels centred around unforgettable moments with family. 

It was these precious memories that sparked his desire to work in the industry, and today, as Quest South Perth Foreshore Franchise Business Owner, he takes pride in being responsible for creating those lifelong memories for guests.  

While studying hospitality, Michael secured his first job in the industry — washing dishes at a local hotel. From there, he progressed to the position of Food and Beverage Manager and moved on to various positions through other hotel chains, as well as hospitality and tourism businesses, to become a General Manager. 

He worked at Quest’s corporate office for a 10-year period as a Franchise Relationship Manager, supporting the network across Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. It was here that he identified the opportunity of hotel ownership. 

“I can remember after my first week as an employee at Quest, coming home to my wife Angalene and saying, ‘We need to get one of these franchises’,” Michael recalled. 

“We have always had the desire to own our business, and the opportunity to do this in an industry we have spent most of our lives in was pretty straightforward.” 

“Ultimately, it was being able to do something we love with an organisation that aligned with our morals and values, with a focus on the people and the local community we get to share the business locations with.” 

The couple took ownership of Quest South Perth Foreshore in October 2020 – in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“It’s funny when you look back, but not once during that period did we ever think that this wasn’t going to work,” he said. 

“We knew that Quest had the system, support, plan and structure in place. Even though it was challenging, as many of us know, it was just about following the model, staying true to the brand belief and executing on a daily basis.” 

Not only did Quest South Perth Foreshore survive the pandemic, it has thrived under the guidance of Michael and Angalene, with the business awarded Quest Apartment Hotels National Franchise of the Year in 2023.  

“Winning Quest’s State and National awards was a fantastic recognition for our team and the year we had, but we are just a small piece of a larger support structure that makes it possible,” he said.  

“Without our teams, loyal corporates, guests, landlords, financiers, suppliers and Quest’s corporate support structure, it wouldn’t be possible.” 

Michael and his team are passionate about impacting the community and giving back to those in need.  

“One of the main reasons we loved joining Quest is the focus on local community,” Michael said. 

“We have had the ability to support many charities, organisations and people, like Sony Foundation, Make a Wish, Leukaemia Foundation, local sporting groups, healthcare workers and clubs.”  

Michael and his team have also been big supporters of Quest’s involvement in Housing All Australians — an initiative that aims to provide safe, affordable and stable housing for all.

“We have been able to house and take an individual off the streets and house them for over two years now,” Michael said.  

For Michael and Angalene, it’s important to go above and beyond — not just for guests, but for the community and the team — to create a workplace that people can be proud of.  

“Owning a Quest has given Angalene and I the ability to provide an environment in which we can support others — the community and the team — with a workplace environment that we wanted throughout our careers,” Michael said.