Vivid Sydney Drone Show 2024
Vivid Sydney Drone Show 2024

Vivid Sydney provided a welcome winter boost for city hotels in its 14th year, with the festival drawing thousands of visitors to the CBD and experiencing its largest opening night on record.

Throughout the event, which ran from May 24 through to June 15, occupancy rates stayed strong despite unfavourable weather conditions, with hotels reporting 75% occupancy on weeknights and up to 90% on weekends.

Restaurants, cafes and bars also enjoyed an uplift in patronage with more than half a million people dining out during the festival.

“This is an extraordinary event that brings people into Sydney, showcasing the CBD and all it has to offer,” said Accommodation Australia NSW General Manager Stacey McBride.

“To have an event of this calibre during the colder months when hotels may not otherwise enjoy high occupancy rates is certainly welcomed by accommodation providers.

“The show-stopping nature of Vivid Sydney, from its spectacular light displays at iconic locations like the Opera House to its successful integration of technology, culinary delights, art, cinema, and music mean people are always going to want to come and see it for themselves.

“The popularity and success of the event year after year is a testament to the team at Destination NSW and the NSW Government.”