Matt Whiley

W Brisbane’s Living Room Bar is rethinking its approach to sustainability and waste under a creative collaboration with renowned bartender Matt Whiley.

The six-month partnership will see an ever-evolving menu that repurposes would-be discarded ingredients from W Brisbane’s kitchens such as potato skins, pineapple rind, pumpkin seeds, cauliflower cream and carrot peel using innovative fermenting techniques to create eco-conscious cocktails.

Whiley, who focuses on seasonal, sustainable, and innovative practices, has pioneered groundbreaking venues like London’s Scout and Sydney’s RE, Australia’s first zero-waste bar.

“My passion for sustainability began 10 years ago when I was offered 10 trays of strawberries and ended up making 50 litres of strawberry wine,” said Whiley.

“Gradually, I realised, ‘Why isn’t every bar in the world doing this?’ Collaborating with Francisco, we identified 10-12 ingredients going to waste in the hotel – our mission now is to transform these into something desirable and delicious, showing that food waste can be luxurious. I want people to leave thinking, ‘That was delicious,’ feeling happy, satisfied, and knowing they’ve helped the planet.”

The menu features ‘RE-style’ classic cocktails including the RE Lamington Negroni, combining raspberry Fords Gin, coconut oil, cacao husk vermouth blend, and Campari; The RE Margarita Spritz, which includes Herradura Tequila, whole mandarin, mandarin Kosho, and CO2; The Seed Money, which utilises blackened pumpkin seeds, paired with heavy cream distilled Fords gin and vermouth, for a rich and creamy blend of flavours.

“At the W Living Room Bar, we’re thrilled to collaborate with Matt Whiley, bringing his innovative and sustainable mixology to our dynamic social epicentre,” said Living Room Bar Manager Francesco Squllacioti.

“We are a space for the curious, where work and play blend seamlessly, offering great drinks, craveable food, and unforgettable experiences.”

At Living Room Bar, menus are printed on paper made from recycled coffee cups, coasters are made from 100% recycled plastic waste sourced locally in Sydney, and staff are kitted out in eco-conscious thread Kaizen jackets made from 55% Hemp and 45% recycled polyester materials, certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard).