Guest rooms must be equipped to handle the charging and connectivity demands of today’s fast-moving traveller. Nero has solutions to ease these pain points for properties wanting to get up to speed.

During hotel stays, guests demand all the tech luxuries enjoyed at home – highspeed internet, smart TVs, and smart controls to name a few. Charging stations and wireless charging also feature on such a list of conveniences. To get properties up to speed, Nero offers a range of items to meet the connectivity/charging demands of today’s travellers.

Nero ranges three wireless charging devices, all of which slip into any room aesthetic with ease. Nero V3 Pro and Nero Qi2 are two wireless charging, Bluetooth-enabled, alarm clocks. Complete with USB Type-C connectivity, the alarm clocks cover all the bases. Beam your music or podcasts via Bluetooth to the alarm clock speakers while juicing up your device with a wire-free charge. For those wanting a quicker top-up, use the Type-C charging ports for a rapid top-up.

The Nero Black Aluminium LED Desk lamp is far from an ordinary desk lamp. The slim aluminium footprint and jet-black finish sets it apart from others. It offers three dimming levels, various light warmth to suit all tastes, and will charge your mobile device with an easy tap – No need for cables!

The charging cable war is now over with the Apple eco-system fully embracing the USB-Type C interface. To help properties integrate this technology into the guestroom, Nero offers a stunning black, polycarbonate USB charging hub. This item, ideal for the bedside table, boasts a 1-metre cable, 2 x AC expansion sockets (for guests to plug in an appliance or AC adapter), 3 x USB-Type A ports for legacy device cables, and a single USB Type-C port capable of charging at 45W. This PD (Power Delivery) enabled socket will allow a 35W charge – enough for your iPhone 15, your iPad, and even your USB-Type C MacBook to charge with ease.

7434401 – Nero Qi2 Clock Radio with two USB-C Ports

7434303 – Nero V3 Pro Alarm Clock/Bluetooth Speaker

330015 – Nero Black Aluminium LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad

745045 – Power Max by Nero USB Type C Hub