SiLANT is providing an integrated platform of services, including wifi, security and guest entertainment solutions to enhance guest experience.

Managing many different systems is time consuming and inefficient. Smart integrations is becoming a necessity rather than an option.

SiLANT have been working with our partners to build connected resilient solutions that are tailored to your property’s needs.

Security, safety and connectivity is of paramount importance when managing a very large resort. The network in your hotel is now the foundation for all essential communication services. As a Tier 1 partner with Ruckus Networks, a SiLANT solution can consistently deliver the required network performance no matter how challenging the environment.

Ayers Rock Resort commissioned SiLANT to upgrade and integrate their connectivity platforms across the five properties that comprise the Resort.

SiLANT, with their security partner, Genetec, commenced the project into the Resort’s security in 2023 commencing with the airport and this will be federated to the upgraded Security Centre in Yulara, with the addition of 220 new cameras around the resorts. 

This upgrade will provide a unified security portfolio giving Voyagers Ayers Rock Resort flexibility across several properties in their portfolio, along with access control, video surveillance, ALPR, and unified security.

Security, safety and compliance for your guests, staff and hotel systems is becoming more and more important in the digital age. SiLANT in conjunction with our partner– Genetec, brings a range of Award winning security systems to Australia.

SiLANT’s mission is to build secure and reliable integrations that assist in ensuring your guests have an enjoyable experience and contribute to your bottom line.

Build secure and reliable integrations with SiLANT.

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