This school is revolutionising hospitality.

By Dr Anita Manfreda, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Senior Lecturer and Researcher

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School is redefining hospitality education with a distinct Australian touch.

At the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS), part of Torrens University Australia, a revolution is underway. Moving beyond the traditional Swiss methodologies, BMIHMS is embracing a uniquely Australian model of hospitality education that prioritises human connections over formality. This approach, characterised by its relaxed yet professional demeanor, mirrors Australia’s multicultural heritage and embodies inclusivity, sustainability, and authenticity, community, and connection. These principles are essential as the industry adapts to rapidly evolving customer and industry demands, contrasting with the more formal, perceived elitist Swiss model, which can stifle adaptability in a changing world.

The Australian hospitality model at BMIHMS enriches the Swiss emphasis on practical and academic skills with a keen focus on socio-cultural understanding and emotional intelligence. This educational paradigm ensures that students develop a balanced mix of technical skills and human skills, preparing them not only as effective hospitality leaders, but also as compassionate, adaptable professionals that will shape the future hospitality workforce. Engaging in charity work and ambassador programs, students foster a culture of compassion and responsibility, extending their impact beyond the academic environment and becoming forces for change and for good.

As the hospitality sector confronts challenges like sustainability and technological advancements, BMIHMS’s holistic, human-centric approach is leading the charge in hospitality education innovation. This forward-thinking strategy is not merely about training the next generation of hospitality leaders; it’s about equipping them to thrive and be agents in a global industry marked by constant change. By championing warmth, inclusivity, and professionalism, BMIHMS is setting a new standard, ensuring Australian hospitality values are poised to influence the global stage.

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School student Mei Dang is currently based at Vibe Hotel Hobart and undertaking her secondary Industry Placement.

About the author:

Anita is a senior lecturer, trainer, and consultant at BMIHMS @Torrens University Australia. She works with practitioners in the luxury sector to redefine the contemporary definition and characteristics of luxury accommodation experiences toward authenticity and sustainability.