Indonesia’s tourism hotspot of Bali has introduced a levy on all international visitors entering the province as of February 14, 2024, in a bid to preserve the island’s natural environment and cultural heritage.

The traveller tax of IDR150,000 (approx. AU$15) applies to adults and children of all ages for each visit.

The Indonesian government said the move is intended to support sustainable tourism in the region with the funds to go towards “preservation, conservation, and revitalisation” and to “improve the quality of services, safety, and comfort of tourists, by developing land – sea – and air infrastructure in an integrated and connected manner”.

Travellers are being advised to settle the payment prior to their arrival via the government website or app, Love Bali. There will also be bank counters available at Bali International Airport, for those that are unable to pay online before arrival. 

Certain visa categories are exempt from the fee, including diplomatic and official visa holders, conveyance crew, KITAS and KITAP holders, family unification visas, golden and student visa holders, as well as specific non-tourist visa holders.