WorldHotels Crafted b'mine Frankfurt Airport allows guests to park their vehicle on their room balcony

With the resurgence of domestic and international travel, airport hotels are in hot demand according to major hotel operators. BWH Hotels Australasia Director of Development, Danilo Curcuruto, reveals how technology is playing a role in advancing the experience for guests.

The role of airport hotels has undergone a significant transformation, reflecting the shifting landscape of domestic and international travel. Airport hotels have become pivotal hubs for travellers seeking seamless transitions between flights, demanding cost-effective options for shorter stays such as day use or time slotted bookings.

Brands are embracing this trend by offering tailored booking arrangements that cater specifically to the needs of guests requiring accommodation for limited time frames while competing with city hotels.

In tandem with the resurgence of travel, trends within this hotel sector are reshaping the guest experience. The integration of smart technologies for contactless check-ins, digital concierge services and elevated hotel experiences reflects the industry’s commitment to meeting the evolving expectations of travellers.

WorldHotels Crafted b’mine Frankfurt Airport

WorldHotels Crafted property, b’mine Frankfurt Airport is embracing this trend by offering a unique and interesting stay. As the first hotel in Germany offering patented CarLoft technology, the property allows guests to transport their own vehicle to be parked on their room balcony located at the international airport.

This newly opened, 240 room lifestyle hotel includes 160 Smart Rooms, 40 Smart Doubles, 40 “CarLofts” providing travellers with a stylish and unique experience combining architecture, design and innovation. This property speaks to the WorldHotels Crafted brand, capturing the spirit of the destination and appealing to guests who crave creativity, exceptional experiences, and world-class service.

Airport hotels are seeing a surge in demand, catering to the diverse needs of passengers ranging from transient business professionals to leisure travellers looking for a convenient alternative to city hotels.

Transforming the airport hotel interface for these guests has been essential in developing BWH Hotels, providing upscale and personalised experiences within the confines of an airport environment. By responding to these shifting trends and embracing technology, airport hotels are welcoming the opportunities to elevate their offerings for guests.

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