ahs hospitality has an exciting year ahead with a dedicated focus on strengthening the competency and capability of its people through improving operational efficiencies and continuing collaborative efforts.

In 2023, ahs hospitality celebrated significant achievements, setting the stage for an equally promising 2024. As we delve into the new year, our unwavering commitment revolves around three key pillars: Competency, Capability, and Collaboration, led by our Executive General Manager, Leanne Graham.

We are steadfast in continuing to support our teams rebuild competency and capability due to the depleted experience levels the Australian and New Zealand hospitality industries have seen since the challenges caused by COVID-19. We have a strong plan to support our team with all the back-office tools in place to drive efficiency. As a part of this, we commenced the rollout of our IT Architecture which will be completed throughout our business by April. By alleviating administrative burdens on our Executive Housekeepers, we empower them to prioritise their team and deliver quality outcomes for our valued clients.

This year we are also dedicated to enhancing the capability of our front-line team having re-implemented our Train the Trainer programme. This focus not only guarantees a quality onboarding process, but also paves the way for succession planning – nurturing the next generation of leaders within our business.

“We are all in hospitality because we love it and it’s our role to instil the love of the business into the next generation, which can only come with investment in people” says Executive General Manager Leanne Graham.

Looking ahead in 2024, ahs hospitality anticipates another outstanding year as our teams play a pivotal role in supporting our clients’ business objectives amid stabilising occupancy patterns. Indeed, our success hinges on fostering collaboration within our business. By continuing to leverage our teams’ strengths, we are in place for another successful year ahead.

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