SHAPE is Australia’s most advanced hotel bathroom dispenser system yet and the future of guestroom amenities. This innovative, sustainable dispenser reduces waste and saves costs, while creating a memorable guest experience.

One of the most exciting innovations in hotel bathroom amenities in the past decade, SHAPE – short for Sustainable. Hygienic. Aesthetic. Pump. Evolution. – is the safest and most cost-effective way for hotels to offer a premium and sustainable bathroom product, while creating a memorable guest experience.

Engineered to dispense the exact amount of shower gel, soap or body lotion with a simple press of the finger, SHAPE delivers on ESG with a 100% recyclable, 300ml dispenser that eliminates up to 25 single-use portions, plastic and liquid waste by 85% and saving 40% in costs.

For maximum hygiene and safety, SHAPE is designed as a closed system, with a secure precision cap keeping germs out of the factory-sealed, no-drip, tamper-proof cartridge, with smooth contours making it easy to clean and quick to replace.

While highly functional, SHAPE dispensers are aesthetically pleasing with a light, slimline, contemporary design and a near-invisible wall-mount bracket available in white, black and chrome, with an easy no-tool installation.

Peter Weingartner, Director of Swisstrade said SHAPE will reshape the way hoteliers approach and deliver their guest toiletries experience.

“SHAPE is the future of guest amenities – a 100% recyclable, factory-sealed, smart looking pump dispenser system perfectly designed to increase efficiencies in housekeeping and at the same time reduce labour costs and deliver an amazing guest experience,” Peter said.

“SHAPE represents a natural progression for us at Swisstrade, where we’ve been delivering environmentally sustainable, guest bathroom dispensing systems to hotels, and lifting the guest experience with innovative and premium products, since our inception in 1997.”

Make the shift to SHAPE dispensers. Contact Swisstrade or visit the website for more information on the range of luxury or lifestyle brands and fragrances available.