Unlock hidden long-term value for your hotel or resort.

Financial technology, specifically payments, is a cornerstone of Australia’s hotels and resorts industry. That’s why delivering seamless payments is essential to boost guest engagement and craft exceptional experiences that wow and delight.

How can you go the extra mile and take your guest experiences to the next level? A unified payments solution that integrates well with all your support systems is key.

Omnichannel success

44% of Australian hospitality businesses allow guests to pay according to their preferences. Stay ahead of the curve with omnichannel solutions that unify guest-facing and backend systems. Deliver flexible and consistent experiences, no matter the location.

Local payments, global reach

Close to two-thirds of Australian guests (62%) will abandon their reservations if they can’t pay how they want. Work with a global payments partner to offer guests sophisticated payment options and avoid the hassle of managing multiple local payments providers for each market.

Data-driven personalisation

More than half of Australian hospitality businesses (53%) increased conversion rates by offering personalised experiences to their guests. Connect online and in-person payments to consolidate payments data and build a holistic view of guests and their preferences. Create informed marketing and sales strategies tailored to each guest with these data-rich insights.

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