As we approach the end of 2023, the hospitality technology landscape is buzzing with promises of what’s to come. FutureLog, a trailblazing procure-to-pay software provider, is gearing up for an exhilarating 2024 filled with growth and innovation. 

Traditionally a period of reflection, the concluding weeks of the year provide an opportunity to reflect on the months gone by and solidify plans for the upcoming year. Throughout 2023, FutureLog experienced significant growth, adding an impressive array of procure-to-pay advancements to its suite of solutions. These innovations not only establish the foundation for more revolutionary developments in 2024 but also ensure that FutureLog, along with its customers, maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Contract Lifecycle Management Made Easy

 One of FutureLog’s most recent product launches has been its Contract Management solution. With a secure, centralised approach to managing the entire contract lifecycle, FutureLog customers can store, retrieve and maintain their documents in one easy-to-use digital archive. Automated in-app expiration notifications, optional auto-renewals and robust search capabilities are amongst some of its most popular features for boosting operational efficiency, improving supplier relationships and saving time.  

Business Intelligence: From Numbers to Actions

Recognising the importance of consolidated procure-to-pay data, FutureLog’s Business Intelligence solution is a must-have in any hotel or restaurant’s tech toolkit. Bringing clarity and informed decision-making to operational strategies, it empowers the hospitality industry to combat data silos and outdated reporting methods through in-depth analyses, trend identification, predictive insights and customisable data visualisations. Some highlights include:

  • Best Price Reports: Real-time comparisons to quickly find and secure the best prices from suppliers.
  • Menu Engineering Reports: Optimise menu offerings with a detailed performance analysis per dish, supporting data-led decisions, enhanced guest satisfaction and improved profitability. 
  • Inventory Control Reports: Maintain optimal inventory levels by tracking usage patterns, minimising waste, and ensuring the right products are always in stock. 
  • HACCP Management Reports: Utilise Bluetooth connectivity to capture temperature and weight measurements, ensuring compliance with HACCP standards.

Charting Success for Central Procurement:

The connected nature and diverse range of FutureLog’s Business Intelligence reports mean that the entire procure-to-pay journey can be analysed and optimised, with its centralised approach facilitating strategic decision-making on all levels – from individual outlets and properties to clusters and groups.

With accessible, actionable insights and a rich library of charts, graphs and dashboards at their fingertips, users across the organisation can improve their processes, make strategic decisions, respond quickly to shifting market dynamics and contribute to the long-term performance of their business.

Looking ahead to 2024 

FutureLog’s 2024 development roadmap is set to continue on a fast-paced trajectory of innovation, with cutting-edge developments designed to bring unrivalled procure-to-pay efficiency and automation for its customers.

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