Introducing collaborative planning – the new Expedia features set to redefine travel.

There is no denying that Australians are avid travellers – you just had to open an Instagram feed to see this vividly reflected by the hordes of travellers taking advantage of the 2023 European summer.

This affinity for travel shows no signs of slowing in 2024. In fact, a new global report[1] reveals eight new travel trends set to motivate how Aussies travel in the new year.

But, while travellers continue to seek out convenience when it comes to travel, the process of booking a holiday can be quite complex.

Recognising these pain points and the need for seamless solutions, Expedia Group is helping partners appeal to travellers by  reimagining the way travellers can discover, plan, book and enjoy their travels through a series of updates to the Expedia app.

A standout among these solutions is Trip Planner – an industry first that simplifies travel planning and lets travellers collaborate with friends and family on group getaways – allowing them to comment, like, and save ideas all in one place, making the booking journey as enriching as the destination itself.

Alongside this are a number of AI-powered features like Dynamic Travel Guides, which helps users discover perfect neighbourhoods to stay in based on their interests; Amenity and Property Answers, which permits travellers to sift through better gauge property details and for partners to more easily communicate with guests; smart shopping for hotels, helping travellers easily compare and narrow down options; and conversational planning updates, ensuring a more intuitive trip planning experience.

With all features set to roll out on the Expedia app by the end of 2023, Expedia Group continues its dedication to creating new tools that enhance the travel experience – allowing travellers to get better deals, discover destinations that they may have overlooked, and ultimately help partners convert high-value travellers.