YHA Australia has relaunched its Sustainable Properties Fund – formerly known as the Sustainable Hostels Fund – with the $5 Membership Fee from guests’ first stays now used to help reduce the environmental impact of its properties.

The initiative is aimed at supporting YHA’s net zero target through energy, carbon and waste reduction, and water conservation.

“Reaching net zero with a property portfolio as diverse as YHA’s requires consistent investment,” said  YHA Australia Head of Sustainability, Helen Vine.

“That’s why, with the help of the Sustainable Properties Fund, we’re undertaking major overhauls across our network over the next six years to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and make sure that we meet this target.”

The Sustainable Properties Fund also helps to fund projects for YHA’s small and regional properties.

“The Sustainable Properties Fund not only helps YHA fund sustainability upgrades to our flagship properties, it also allows us to support small properties in regional locations and continue to contribute to those local economies and communities,” Vine said.

YHA Australia CEO Paul McGrath said the fund represents the company’s commitment to a sustainable future.  

“The aspiration to attain a net zero carbon emission across all YHA Australia properties demands a united and determined approach from a diverse group of stakeholders,” McGrath said.

“The YHA Board and management team are dedicated to investing in our properties towards this objective, as evidenced by the rejuvenated Sustainable Property Funds.

“This decisive action highlights YHA’s unwavering commitment to making substantial investments to accomplish our net zero targets by 2030.”

 The Sustainable Properties Fund is also supported by guest donations.