1834 Hotels pioneers tech-driven stays, cutting overheads by eliminating front desks. A seamless guest journey, enhanced efficiency, and significant cost savings—embracing a new era in hospitality.

“1834 Hotels: No More Front Desks at Three Properties – Embracing Tech for Seamless Access!”

1834 Hotels, a prominent hospitality operator, has taken a significant leap forward by removing front desks at three of its properties. This strategic move harnesses mobile key technology to transform the guest experience, doing away with the traditional reception desk and ensuring smooth access to hotel rooms.

Guests can now manage bookings, complete check-in, handle payments, and receive their keys—all from their mobile devices, thanks to the integration of mobile key technology. This shift not only streamlines operations but also reimagines the standard reception desk check-in model, setting a new efficiency and service standard.

Andrew Bullock, the CEO of 1834 Hotels, emphasised the revolutionary nature of this change: “The removal of reception desks at three properties marks a significant shift in our operations. We’ve embraced technology to redefine the guest experience, proving that a reception desk is no longer necessary for a modern, efficient hotel operation.”

This innovative approach is not only suitable for smaller operations with space limitations but also aligns with a forward-thinking perspective on the future of hospitality. By implementing AI-driven live chat for customer support, 1834 Hotels further optimises guest interactions and service delivery.

For larger hotel sites in their portfolio, 1834 Hotels sees this as a welcome enhancement to existing operations. CEO Andrew Bullock highlighted the benefits, stating: “This integration enhances operational efficiency and frees up the reception desk from long check-in queues. It allows our teams to engage in more meaningful conversations with our guests—a perfect blend of leveraging technology while preserving the essential human element.”

If you’re a hotel owner interested in modernising operations, reach out to 1834 Hotels to explore this transformative approach.