The guest of today and the future anticipate having seamless access to entertainment and technology at their fingertips, and SiLANT still deliver all of this and more.

SiLANT’s goal is to provide those in the hospitality industry with cutting-edge, high-quality products and services. We continuously achieve this through development and investing in great talent and new technologies.

SiLANT Guest Experiences

Our hospitality solutions provide seamless guest experiences through a wide range of applications and integrations. 

Our major goal is to deliver high-quality solutions to improve your guests’ experience and bottom line, which includes everything from design and execution to tight integration with Property Management Systems to Google Chromecast in guest rooms.

SiLANT Networks

The network in a hotel is now the foundation for all essential communication services.

As more and more technologies need to be supported by networks that are well designed and managed to ensure cohesive experience for guests. 

Whether as a foundation for WiFi, IPTV, VoIP or smart services, our teams at SiLANT can build these bespoke networks to meet your property’s needs. Working together with all parties to create a seamless guest experience.

Whether you are a remote property in central Australia or a hotel in a major city, our team will work with you to deliver the very best in a fully managed converged network and Wi-Fi systems. We are Tier 1 Hospitality partners with Ruckus and ANTLabs, multiple award-winning technology solution providers.

Our commitment to your bottom line through innovation, unforgettable guest experiences and dedicated service has always been and will continue to be our priority.


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