Innovation is at the heart of Sealy, and it is the continuous investment in technology which has allowed it to become Australia’s favourite mattress brand.

At Sealy ‘Comfort’ and ‘support’ are not just buzzwords, they’re non-negotiable characteristics that are the result of 8,000 hours of testing. From ensuring that the comfort of each mattress is as high-grade as possible, to testing the sturdiness of the mattress edge or the durability of the mattress itself. We strive to ensure that our mattresses are rigorously tested and designed to last, and that our products look and feel the same on day 365 as it does on day 1.

Sealy conducts ongoing medical research and testing of new components, materials and construction methods in thelargest NATA accredited research and development facilityin the southern hemisphere. This provides our foundation for innovation and unmatched product performance. 

Sealy beds are designed on the core principle that a mattress needs to maintain the body’s natural posture, supporting pressure points and allowing muscles to relax. Every Sealy mattress is built to specific criteria set by the Orthopaedic Advisory Board. We measure our construction methods, designs, and prototypes to ensure they offer correct support and optimal comfort in line with these requirements. 

With the only NATA accredited mattress test lab in the country, we take R&D seriously. We are constantly working on developing better beds to help people all over the world get a better night’s sleep. You can rest assured your guests will sleep supported on a Sealy.

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The SAM (spinal alignment manikin) tests simulates the way a human body interacts with a mattress. When a mattress passes the SAM test, we can say with confidence that it is providing ideal support for a broad range of consumers.

The Rollator test helps Sealy to understand the impact of a person shifting and moving on a mattress throughout its life. This test ensures that our product will be durable and long lasting.

Using specialist software, we also measure the performance of the mattress in terms of pressure distribution referred to as ‘Pressure Mapping’. Essentially, we are able to see whether it has sufficient cushioning. This helps us understand that the mattress is providing the right amount of comfort.