For luxurious decadence beyond compare, VANITY GROUP invites guests to their very own Spa of Wellness without having to leave their room with luxury amenities to align the mind, body, and spirit for opulent self-care during their stay.

VANITY GROUP provides a diverse offering of luxury brands to hoteliers globally including specially selected spa and wellness brands that promote self-care and wellbeing with their indulgent formulations. So, lather a decadent layer of lotion, and fill the bathroom with spa-worthy formulations and unrivalled scents tthat invigorate and soothe.  

TEMPLESPA – A Mediterranean escape

Spa wherever you are with TEMPLESPA’s gorgeous Hotel Collection.Inspired by their pedigree of indulgent spa treatments and brimming with ingredients from the Mediterranean coastline, these efficacious formulations soothe the skin and uplift the soul with their botanical scents. With a focus on soul health, TEMPLESPA’s range includes the addition of innovative turn-down treats so you’re even in a spa state of mind as you sleep.  

YUNI – For Balance and Alignment

Founded by two yoga teachers, YUNI offers balance and tranquillity with a mindful beauty philosophy and products designed to relieve stress and restore health. With fragrance notes such as bergamot, cedar, and orange chosen for their mood-lifting aromatherapeutic properties, YUNI’s Hotel Collection promotes wellbeing and balance,, incorporating moments of mindfullness into their stay


Be taken on a scientific journey with The Organic Pharmacy’s advanced formulations, created with their extenstive herbal, homeopathic and pharmaceutical knowledge at the forefront. Their Hotel Collectionsdeliver aboost of vitality and revives the body and mind with performance-driven natural ingredients and uplifting scents. Feel free to indulge, these formulations will have you feeling on top of the world.

LaGaia UNEDITED – Back To Nature

Inspired by the Earth’s precious elements, LaGaia UNEDITED uses nature’s richest minerals to create powerful products that support the skin with gorgeous botanicals. LaGaia UNEDITED is renowned for excellence in spa treatments built purely for wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation and is featured exclusively in Qantas First Class bathrooms as an Official Skincare Partner, offering lounge guests a moment of pure luxury with an exclusive selection of LaGaia UNEDITED spa treatments.

The LaGaia UNEDITED Hotel Collection is filled with aromas that ground and energise the body leaving guests feeling rejuvenated, soothed, and refreshed.

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