Pro-invest Group integrates ESG principles throughout its operations, striving for ethical and financial rewards while promoting sustainability, employee welfare, and transparent governance for investors, guests, and communities.

In a sector as influential as hospitality, Pro-invest Group understands that every hotel built, room serviced, meal served, and space curated has an impact. That’s why the company is laser focused on making sure that impact is bolstered by their unwavering commitment to advancing ESG excellence.

As global challenges including climate change and social inequalities escalate, the path for hospitality must be consciously shaped. For Pro-invest Group, ESG isn’t just an ethical stance to take – it’s a cornerstone of their business model. Integrating these principles – from investment through to design, build and operations – is a proven strategy for success, and a commitment that is both ethically and financially rewarding.

The company’s approach, coined ‘One Earth, Countless Experiences’, is a testament to the integration of ESG principles across their operations. They’ve embedded their big ambitions since day one and are making significant progress each year. Highlights include:

  • When launching its first A$300 million Fund in 2016, it was one of the first to integrate energy efficiency into its investment criteria.
  • The company more than doubled its GRESB Real Estate Assessment scores, moving from 29% in 2017 to 70% in 2022 with a 90% target for 2025.
  • In 2021, Holiday Inn Express Newcastle became the first hotel building in Australia to be carbon neutral certified under the NABERS Climate Active pathway.
  • The company achieved an average of 5-star NABERS Energy and Water ratings across its rated hotels last year.

Beyond environmental stewardship, Pro-invest’s ‘Great Place to Work’ certification in Australia and New Zealand highlights their commitment to colleagues, which is especially vital in a challenging post-pandemic employment landscape. While their governance structure emphasises transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, helping foster trusted, lasting partnerships.

This holistic ESG approach creates shared gains. For investors, it increases asset value while producing cost savings. Guests, who increasingly match spending to ethics, can enjoy responsible stays true to their values. While communities’ benefit from sustainable futures for their destinations.

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