United Airlines’ Vice President of Sales Strategies and Effectiveness, Glenn Hollister, says the company is excited about the rapid return of the global business travel market, which the Global Travel Business Association (GBTA) forecasts now shows a return to 2019 levels by the end of 2024, two years ahead of schedule.

Revealed by GBTA at the 2023 GBTA Convention in Dallas this week (Aug 15), global business travel spending rose 47% to US$1.03 trillion in 2022, with strong gains continuing and 32% growth expected in 2023.

The global business travel industry has rebounded at a more accelerated rate than expected just a year ago and is now expected to surpass its pre-pandemic spending level of US$1.4 trillion in 2024 and grow to nearly US$1.8 trillion by 2027.

Speaking exclusively to HM and Wayfarer at the 2023 GBTA Convention in Dallas, Texas, an event that had over 5,500 attendees, Hollister says United is at the forefront of business travel, thanks to the significant investment United has made in hundreds of new aircraft, retrofitting of others, plus new United Clubs across the United States and more.

To find out the latest, Wayfarer host and HM Editor-In-Chief, James Wilkinson, exclusively spoke on video to Hollister in Dallas today (15 Aug) in a not to be missed interview below.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management