A digital contract management solution is essential for hospitality’s operational efficiency. With real-time access, automated renewal and expiry alerts, plus mobile app accessibility, managing the complete contract lifecycle with FutureLog is easy.

How can FutureLog help?

Part of FutureLog’s suite of procure-to-pay solutions, their Contract Management tool is a secure, digital contract archive with easy accessibility, robust search functions, automated expiration notifications and more. From the creation and storage of contracts to their retrieval and renewal, FutureLog offers a streamlined, centralised, end-to-end contract management experience.

For complete contract visibility while in the office or on the go, FutureLog’s Contract Management tool is available via their cloud-based web app and native mobile app. Critical documents and contracts are easily searchable with a range of file types accommodated, eliminating the need for accessing physical files or multiple systems.

Keeping up-to-date with contract terms is easy. Email and in-app notifications for upcoming deadlines, expirations and important actions are automated, facilitating proactive negotiations with suppliers. Contracts can also be auto-renewed for improved efficiency and productivity.  

Control and protect your contracts with secure storage, multiple user-permission levels and transparent audit-compliant workflows all in one central location.

By using FutureLog’s Contract Management solution, supplier profiles, already rich in information, are further enhanced to include comprehensive details regarding delivery terms, payment methods, and the ability to attach unlimited files.

Find out more about FutureLog’s Contract Management Software: Mitigate the risks of missing a renewal deadline or the opportunity to re-negotiate a vendor agreement. Say goodbye to decentralised, non-digital approaches to contract management and instead enjoy the benefits of informed decision-making, secure storage, time-saving automation and enhanced supplier relationships.

Contact Benjamin Krieg, Area Vice President Strategic Accounts Asia Pacific, today to discuss how FutureLog can help you streamline your end-to-end contract management process.

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