When the traveller wins, we all win. There is no better example of this sentiment than when it comes to loyalty programs.

In fact, a global study showed that 77 per cent of consumers are interested in rewards that can be applied to any element of their travel – such as flight or hotel – regardless of the brand.

The love of loyalty is why more than 168 million travellers currently belong to Expedia Group’s reward programs.

The evidence that members of loyalty programs attract higher-value travellers is undeniable. On average, rewards members book two and a half times more frequently, spend almost three times more and stay 12 per cent longer than non-members.

And the benefits for hotels that are part of loyalty programs do not stop there.

Expedia Group data shows that hotels offering benefits of three reward points and an in-stay perk achieve three times faster room and revenue growth.

The potential loyalty offers travel providers is why Expedia Group has invested so much into innovating its own member offering.

Launching next month in the United States, Expedia Group’s new One Key loyalty program will unify the rewards, offering tiered member pricing discounts and the ability to earn and redeem across all Expedia Group brands and eligible travel components.

One Key will introduce OneKeyCash, a new rewards currency, funded by Expedia Group, travellers will earn as a percentage of purchases, which can then be used to discount eligible future travel.

For partners, Expedia Group’s loyalty offering is the reward that keeps on giving – attracting travellers that book more, spend more and stay longer. So don’t wait. If you’re a hotel partner, prepare your property to be one of the first to benefit from One Key by creating custom offers targeted to high-value travellers now.