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Opportunities abound in hotel development across the Asia Pacific with many groups reporting strong interest in white-label management and franchising partnerships.

Radisson Hotel Group Chief Development Officer, APAC, Ramzy Fenianos, reveals the thinking behind its major partnership with La Vie Hotels and Resorts, and discusses key development trends in the region.

Ramzy Fenianos

The outlook for investment in Australasia is forecast to be relatively modest for the year ahead (2.9%), which is likely to result in significant challenges for hotel developers in the region. As a result, hotel operators need to be innovative and agile in operating and provide owners with the best possible solution to maximise revenue and efficiencies.

At Radisson Hotel Group, we understand the need to continue to provide flexible and innovative business models that meet the needs of owners and developers. This spurred us to strengthen our partnership with La Vie Hotels and Resorts by signing a Master Collaboration Agreement to develop over 30 hotels together.

As we continue to grow the group’s portfolio across the region, we have also seen a rise in the number of independent and small-scale hotel companies looking for different business models to support their growth, especially post-pandemic. This trend is likely to stay as independent owners continue to navigate operating in the post-pandemic era.

As a result of this growing demand, we brought the centralised franchising service model into the region so that owners can harness the power of Radisson Hotel Group’s global network. This model comes with numerous benefits for seasoned owners, enabling them to independently operate their hotels.

It allows them to leverage the support, brand recognition, and global distribution network of the group through proprietary systems and business intelligence tools. Most importantly, the Club of Revenue Management by Radisson Hotel Group (The Club) will be provided to owners in the region, enabling hotels to revolutionise their revenue management with cost-effective, cutting-edge systems for maximum efficiency and rate optimisation.

Moving forward, it is important to provide more opportunities to help streamline operations and maximise efficiencies for our owners.

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