A generation of talented leaders are rising through the ranks of the accommodation industry and striving for better outcomes for employees and guests.

M3 Property Senior Valuer – Specialised Assets, Hannah Vale, spoke to HM about her start in the hotels industry and the change she would like to see in the future.

How did you get started in the industry and what led you to your current role.

I started in hotel operations and whilst working in London, I soon realised a desire to move into hotel investment and development. I came back to Australia and did a Masters of Property at the University of Melbourne and through that degree discovered valuations. I started in retail valuations at JLL before eventually moving into hotel valuations with CBRE.

Now at M3 Property, I work on the valuation and consultancy of a range of specialised accommodation assets such as, but not limited to, hotels, motels, eco-resorts, medi-hotels, co-living assets and boarding houses. Being the largest independent valuations firm in Australia, M3 Property works on assignments across the country and I have most recently concentrated on the regional and metropolitan markets of NSW, VIC QLD and ACT.

What is it about the accommodation industry that appeals to you?

Whilst travelling with my family growing up, it was the glamour and prestige of amazing hotels that planted this seed of a dream to build and manage my own hotel/s. This dream drove my investigations into the industry and my eventual passions for and position in the industry today. The hotel industry is so large and has more facets to understand and thrive from than any other commercial property asset class. It’s an industry full of equally passionate and motivated people, incredible opportunities and its always changing and new, which is really exciting.

Do you have a career mentor or support network?

Mentors and a strong support network are absolutely invaluable to professional and personal development.

They are there to empower you to push yourself harder, they use their experience to provide guidance and see your potential and can always provide an objective point of view. There is no doubt that at some point or another we will all hit roadblocks, crossroads and opportunities, and it’s not about having the right answers but about having the courage to ask the right questions. I have a number of mentors that have guided me throughout my career, and I would highly encourage everyone who is looking to accelerate their learning and growth to go out there and find a mentor.

Who inspires you professionally?

I think as you move through your career you will be inspired by different people depending on what is in your focus at that time. Over the years I’ve been inspired by individuals who I’ve worked with who exemplify humanity with their dedication to helping others and social responsibility. I’ve also been inspired by individuals who defied gender-based challenges and became some of the most successful and accomplished women in the property investment industry. People that have built a reputation in the industry upon good values, passion and determination are always going to be the most inspiring to me.

What change would you like to see in the industry?

I would like to see each organisation making more sustainable and equitable choices – consistent gender equality, social diversity and inclusion and environmentally sustainable construction and operations.

I would like to see more people inspired and encouraged to share their ideas and collaborate. I think the next generation has more potential than we realise and we need to harness that energy and excitement and come together across the generations to collectively shape the built environment of tomorrow.