DreamGreen by Vendella is recycling plastic bottles into luxury bedding, pillows & quilts and is taking Australian hoteliers by storm. Finally, a high quality sustainable product range delivered at sustainable pricing.

DreamGreen by Vendella is at the forefront of sustainable bedding in the Australian hotel industry.

Now partnered with some of Australia’s largest hotel brands, the brand has quickly gained a healthy reputation for its innovative approach to sustainability, which involves recycling plastic bottles into an extensive range of luxury bedding (pillows, quilts, toppers etc) at scale.

Despite bedding being an area that many hoteliers do not immediately associate with sustainability, DreamGreen’s unique approach has garnered attention not only for its environmental benefits but also for the exceptional quality of its products AND sustainable pricing.

One of the most remarkable aspects of DreamGreen is its ability to deliver a sustainable range at realistic pricing, making it accessible to everyone not just those who can afford to pay a premium. Because they manage the whole process from design to deliver, the DreamGreen range has proven to be a popular choice for hotels looking to deliver on their sustainability objectives while staying within existing budgets.

But the benefits of DreamGreen by Vendella go far beyond just sustainability and affordability. The products themselves are of exceptional quality, with the bedding crafted to meet the highest standards of comfort and style. The brand has put a great deal of effort into ensuring that their products not only look and feel great but a durable and long-lasting commercial bedding solution.

All in all, Vendella’s attention to detail and commitment to sustainability have made it a leader in the industry. The brand’s products have become highly sought after by forward thinking hotels who are looking to deliver on their sustainability objectives without sacrificing comfort or breaking the bank.

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