Lancemore Milawa in Victoria’s High Country invites guests to explore a luxury King Valley wine experience

With curated wine experiences in high demand, HM spoke to three hotel sommeliers to get an insight into key trends in the world of wine.

Jacqueilne Lewis

Here, Lancemore Group Sommelier Jacqueline Lewis, discusses the influences that sparked her interest in wine, key consumption trends, and climate impact on vines.

How did you get into the world of wine?

My grandfather was a retired QC and to keep himself occupied he planted a hobby vineyard on his property in Eltham. From early childhood, my memories of wine became filled with family – picking grapes, bottling, laughter, and adventure. Thus, my love of wine was born.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I genuinely get a kick out of bringing great wines and great people together – creating wine memories for people and igniting a spark that they didn’t know they had inside themselves. When people walk away talking about their wine experience, I know that a very special memory has been created for them.

What wines are proving popular with guests at the moment?

Our guests generally come for a luxury King Valley experience – in wine this translates to the best the region has to offer. Hard-to-find back vintages of local wines, special cuvees, and small production Pinot Noir are all very popular as a hard-to-find local experience.

Are there any climate impacts on vines in the region this year?

In Australia the past several years has proven particularly trying for agriculture across the board, and wine is no exception. Fires and floods have all been disastrous. This year again has been challenging with cold weather and ill-timed hail. Small producers are starting to find it very difficult having no wine to sell and we are seeing substantial rises in costs to consumers as farmers must make ends meet with tiny quantities.

Any interesting wine consumption trends that you have observed of late?

There is a genuine movement towards more considered wine consumption with people taking interest in who made it, how it was made, and the story of the farmers behind the wine. The trends we see in food – sustainability and responsible production – are making their way to the wine world as well.

This interview first appeared in the April edition of HM magazine.