1834 Hotels has made a significant investment in a state-of-the-art white label hotel management reporting system, empowering hotel owners with data-driven insights. With business intelligence tools, automated reporting, and seamless integration with multiple hotel systems, 1834 Hotels aims to transform the way hotels operate.

Unveiling the Reporting System:

1834 Hotels’ new reporting system utilizes advanced BI tools to provide real-time data and comprehensive analytics. By collating information from PMS, RMS, accounting software, POS systems, and more, hotel owners gain a holistic view of operations.

The Power of Business Intelligence:

The integration of business intelligence tools enables hoteliers to access detailed reports on key metrics such as occupancy rates, RevPAR, ADR, and customer satisfaction scores. These insights empower informed decisions, trend identification, and operational optimization.

Automated Reporting for Streamlined Operations:

1834 Hotels’ reporting system automates report generation, saving time and resources. Customized reports and dashboards provide timely and accurate information, allowing hotel owners to focus on exceptional guest experiences.

Seamless Integration and Live Insights:

1834 Hotels’ reporting system seamlessly integrates with various hotel systems, collating and organizing data in real-time. Live information provides a comprehensive overview, enabling effective management and control.

Who is 1834 Hotels and How Can They Help?

1834 Hotels is a hospitality management company assisting hotel owners in maximizing their properties’ potential. The reporting system offers data and insights to optimize revenue, enhance guest satisfaction, streamline operations, and make informed decisions.


1834 Hotels’ investment in a cutting-edge reporting system signals a new era in the hospitality industry. With business intelligence tools, automated reporting, and seamless integration, hotel owners can efficiently manage their businesses. Real-time data and actionable insights enable informed decisions for revenue growth, guest experiences, and long-term success.

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