The guest room phone has long been an essential item in hotels, serving a variety of purposes over the years, from allowing guests to stay in touch with loved ones to generating revenue based on guest usage. Despite the prevalence of smartphones, the guest room phone remains highly relevant today.

So what makes a guest room phone still relevant?

Firstly, every guest knows how to use a phone, making it a simple and reliable means of communication with hotel staff. In emergency situations, a guest room phone is critical for a guest to call for assistance or for hotel staff to contact guests.

Secondly, the guest room phone allows for easy and personal communication between guests and hotel staff, building rapport and enhancing the overall guest experience. Whether it’s requesting extra towels or getting recommendations for local activities, hospitality is all about personal service, and the guest room phone makes it easy for guests and staff to connect.

Furthermore, for hotels offering room service or other billable services, the guest room phone is critical in making it easy for guests to place orders or make bookings.

So what are the key features of a great guest room phone?

  • Reliability – works EVERY time
  • Durability – designed to cope in the rough and tumble of a hotel and last your years so the total cost on ownership is justifiable
  • Customisable – from a logo to customised guest service keys
  • Easy to use – for guests and staff
  • Low Maintenance – Easy to clean, little or no maintenance

VTech phones offer all the above PLUS a World Class warranty with additional fully customised handsets provided FOC with large orders.

Not too surprising, they are part of the brand standard for all hotel chains across the world.

In conclusion, the guest room phone remains a vital inclusion in guest rooms for hotels, providing a reliable means of communication, building guest-staff relationships, and making it easy for guests to access hotel services.