Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport has introduced a vegetable garden in partnership with cosmetics provider, Vanity Group, alongside the launch of a bulk amenities range at the hotel.

Vanity Group is supporting the hotel in meeting its sustainability goals by sponsoring the installation of a vegetable garden on the hotel grounds and replacing single-use amenities with 500ml bottles Soak Superfood Skincare throughout the property –

The vegetables and herbs harvested from the garden will be used in the onsite restaurant and bar, supporting efforts to reduce food waste while also providing fresh produce for guests.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vanity Group to introduce our vegetable garden as part of our IHG Journey to Tomorrow,” said Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport General Manager, Nick Henderson.

“We are committed to providing our guests with sustainable and responsible travel options, and the vegetable garden and bulk amenities are a great way for us to reduce waste and provide fresh produce for our guests. This is just the beginning of our Journey to Tomorrow.”

Vanity Group Global Marketing and Communications Director, Naomi Rheinberger, said the partnership is a celebration of shared values.

“We love that hotel guests will be reaping the benefits of Kale from their Soak Superfood Skincare Purple Kale Shampoo in the bathroom, all the way down to the Kale harvested in the vegetable garden,” Rheinberger said.

“We love aligning with partners like Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport who share in our mission of doing good for the planet and its people and creating unforgettable guest experiences along the way.”