Specialised Linen Services provider SPL is at the forefront of the changing face of linen in Australia with its implementation of technology and expansion of its service offering that is saving the accommodation industry thousands, whilst guaranteeing delivery of the right linen at the right time.

Linen supplied through its managed services include RFID chip technology, simplifying, automating and saving customers money.

The expansion of this technology has now been introduced to the market with the first Linen Hubs, located in high volume holiday destinations which supports smaller accommodation customers with high quality linen supply when they need it, and the newer click and collect service for larger volumes.

Guaranteed delivery – The right linen at the right time

SPL is leading the implementation of RFID technology worldwide for the laundry industry by recently introducing a number of new supply models to the accommodation market.

These three unique, world first, ways in which to supply linen increases the focus on managing linen spend whilst ensuring certainty in supply. 

SPL’s unique Managed Linen Services monitors returned linen against agreed on site stock levels and automatically generates replacement orders. The service removes the need for traditional ordering and provides the laundry and hotel with much needed visibility of the movement of linen.

The Linen Hub has been designed to offer the short term stay market access to clean, fresh linen 24/7. Using RFID technology, customers are only charged for the length of time they have the linen, commencing from the day of pick-up of the linen, to the day of return.

SPL’s newest solution, which adopts a click & collect approach utilising the same RFID technology as the linen hub, is for higher volume properties that are seeking a self-service solution that also enables daily hire. 

With these solutions, SPL is changing the way in which linen is supplied to the accommodation industry. With the focus on management of cost and guaranteed supply, SPL continues to lead the world in technology implementation across the laundry industry.

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