Restaurants wishing to stand out, are looking to the past. The Mibrasa Parrilla creates a unique flavour with the theatrics of fire. Grill succulent meat, tender octopus and tasty vegetables safely and efficiently, in the comfort of your kitchen.

Originally from Argentina, the Parrilla takes the practicality and ergonomics essential in a busy commercial kitchen and combines this with the primitive taste and flavour of cooking with coal.

The aroma and theatrics of cooking over red, glowing coals adds a touch of entertainment for your guests and is the perfect choice for open kitchens. The open walls of the Parrilla gives guests a 360 degree view of the grill.

Cooking over hot coals gives meat and vegetables a primitive, smoky flavour. Food can be lowered on the versatile crank. So, the hot coals sear the food, adding distinctive grill marks. Raise the grill higher to cook food through or higher again to hot hold or rest in the smoky aroma over the hot coals.

The Parrilla directs the heat from the coals into your food. Not into your kitchen. The outer casing of the Parrilla stays cool to touch. That’s because heat resistant refractory bricks line the base of the grill while air vents help with efficient heat transfer.

Avoid burns and flare-ups. The grill is angled down at a slight 5 degrees. So, grease drips into the tray at the front of the Parrilla. Not on the hot coals.

Raising and lowering the grill is ergonomic, no matter the weight. The one handed crank has an autobrake system for added safety.

At the end of a shift, simply rake out the hot coals and empty the grease tray. Grills can be removed and easily scrubbed with the grill brush.

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