The hospitality industry is revving up for summer. Outsourced housekeeping provider ahs hospitality is preparing for this with the onboarding of their new business leaders. Learn more.

Our industry’s agility has been tested the last few years, and again as the hospitality industry picks up for another Australian summer of zero lockdowns and (hopefully) idyllic weather, we are continuing to adapt to our industry’s revitalisation.

These changes are evident when we look at businesses like outsourced housekeeping services provider ahs hospitality that have had three new members join their leadership team over the last handful of months. When we asked Leanne Graham, Executive General Manager of ahs hospitality, she stated:

“We have warmly welcomed industry talent into our business to provide a fresh lens, invaluable expertise and leadership as we move into a new year.”

This dynamic group of new starters includes Brad Coelho who joins ahs hospitality from Accor and will be leading their Western Australia region. Having amassed 20 years of experience in hotels, Brad was enthusiastic to take on the challenge of transitioning to service provider, offering him the opportunity to share his insights and expertise, and further develop in new areas.

By continuing to inspire our team members and colleagues to provide an outstanding level of service, this will set us apart from our competitors and create a new level of excellence in the industry. The result will be happier guests, client expectations exceeded, increased staff retention and growth in the region. ”

  • Brad Coelho, General Manager WA, ahs hospitality

Tim Reynolds who after a very lengthy tenure with Millennium Hotels and Resorts is now their new General Manager of New Zealand. Having managed operations across major hotel chains and accumulated over 25 years of experience working with hotels and lodges, Tim is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He aims to contribute to the revitalisation of our New Zealand hospitality industry which has been a bit stalled due to strict restrictions off the back of the pandemic.

Utilising my a wealth of hotel general management experience, understanding and knowledge of day-to-day hotel operations, it is my aim is to grow and develop the New Zealand business, maintain the service levels and meet the expectations of our partners and their guests.”

  • Tim Reynolds, General Manager of New Zealand, ahs hospitality

And lastly, ahs hospitality added Commercial Manager Kristen Slade to their leadership line up. Kristen is diving into the hospitality industry from the demanding world of transport and logistics. She brings a strong passion for engaging finance and operations which she says will enable her to advise on innovative customer solutions that will be commercially sustainable for ahs hospitality. Kristen looks forward to this new challenge and to becoming further entrenched in the exciting world of hospitality.

I am excited to join the ahs team as the housekeeping industry evolves post pandemic.  I am proud to be a part of the ahs vision – to grow market share via quality service, long standing expertise and a strategic approach to building client relationships.”

  • Kristen Slade, Commercial Manager, ahs hospitality

One of many businesses going through a period of reassessment and renewal, we are seeing positive signs ahead for many companies and our industry as we look to the year ahead with the passion and drive that fuels our industry.   For more information about ahs hospitality’s services contact Justin Jones by email or telephone +61 403 172 235.