Australia is once again rising the ranks as a popular destination for international travellers after being inaccessible for almost two years.

According to recent Agoda search data, the number of international travellers looking for an Australian getaway has increased by 300% in the past six months.  

Agoda has observed strong a number of emerging origin markets across Asia including South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, spelling opportunities for Australian hoteliers.

Agoda’s Oceania Director, Zsuzsanna Janos, said it’s important for hoteliers to understand what these travellers are looking for.

“Not all Asian markets are the same,” she said. “We are seeing differences in how they search and book their holidays, and what they are seeking when they come to Australia.

“For example, travellers from South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia are looking for more than just a hotel – they want to experience local culture, food, wine, nature and wildlife, and engage in activities that allow them to get more from their trip.”

Agoda is now working with Australian hotels to attract these travellers through special rates and incentives. Janos believes it’s a win-win for tourists and hoteliers, amid rising inflation globally.

“International travellers tend to stay longer than domestic visitors, they’re less likely to cancel, and they check in throughout the week, not just on weekends,” Janos said.

“Plus, international travellers make use of the hotel’s restaurants and other facilities such as spas. 

“We are finding by targeting those Asian markets with volume potential whilst concurrently enhancing our hotel partners visibility through a multi-faceted marketing strategy, we can help hotel partners reach international guests they might never have been able to reach on their own.”