Our industry is one that values Diversity and Inclusion, and with a labour market that is fighting for talent, it is more important than ever to provide an attractive Employee Value Proposition and  a strong company culture.

Too most, this is an environment that feels inclusive and safe, but also one that recognises and celebrates our differences, whether that’s based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, geographic location, professional background, heritage, life experience, religious beliefs, race or simply, differing opinions.

Labour services provider, ahs hospitality, has an overall employee base registering from 89 varied nationalities, and with talent hard to find, they know how important inclusivity is for their employees.

We spoke to ahs hospitality to find out how they are investing in diversity and inclusion.

Harmony Week

Celebrating Australia’s rich cultural diversity, ahs hospitality commented that this is one of their most celebrated observances, with cultural cook-offs morning tea’s, brunches and lunches, to set aside time and learn about one-another’s diverse backgrounds.

“Not only does this week provide our employees the opportunity to talk about their different cultures, countries, foods, languages and identities, but it actively celebrates our diversity as a company.”

Ben Kazakoff, Human Resources General Manager, ahs hospitality

Reconciliation Action Plan

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a strategic document committing to action as a company towards reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Recently, ahs hospitality launched their new RAP, when asked about the process they commented on the long road it has been to creating and having their new plan endorsed by Reconciliation Australia in collaboration with their sister companies under RGF Staffing APEJ.

“We want to work together to ensure we optimise every opportunity to educate each other and improve the way we engage with First Nations people, so that cultural differences are respected and celebrated. This will lay the foundation for real progress.”

Leanne Graham, Executive General Manager, ahs hospitality

Leanne Graham highlighted the benefit of being part of a network of companies that could pool resources to achieve such an important feat. Graham, is originally from New Zealand which, similar the United States of America and Canada, holds a treaty with their Indigenous people. Leanne hopes the recent change in leadership for the Australian Federal Government will result in a swift prioritisation of actions that give a voice to our First Nations people.

Pride Month

The LGBTIQ community have always had a big influence on the growth and rejuvenation of the tourism and hospitality industries. That is one reason, among many, ahs hospitality have been building their inclusivity to further embrace the LGBTIQ community.

“The word hospitality is inclusive in its own right, it is all about people helping people, which is why this industry has always been a safe place and space for the LGBTIQ community to work and be a part of.”

Justin Jones, General Manager, Business Development, ahs hospitality

This Pride month, ahs hospitality demonstrated their Pride in multiple ways from marketing, digital representation and sharing content supporting the importance and history of LGBTIQ rights within our communities.

We believe you have to be a fan of diversity to be in the hospitality industry, so why not celebrate it? We encourage hotels and hoteliers alike to reflect and think of ways, no matter how big or small, they can create and influence a more diverse and inclusive company.